Introduction to frozen eggs

"Frozen Eggs" has become a hot topic of movies in recent years. The International Reproductive Medicine Association announces it is better for women to store their own eggs, social egg freezing (SEF), in young age than to receive the donation from others. Freezing eggs in young age provides healthy eggs.

The notification of SEF

Because of the advanced applications of intracytoplasmic sperm injection and vitrification, the pregnancy rate of SEF is close to those of fresh egg in IVF.

Frozen egg program

  • Pre-treatment assessment
    Hysteroscopy is used to view the inside of the uterus anti-Muller's tube hormone (AMH).
  • Menstruation
  • (Day2-10) of the menstruation
    Return visit on the second day of menstruation, the ovulation stimulation drug is administrated. We monitor the follicular maturation by public ultrasound and blood test, and the timing of egg retrieval will be decided.
  • HCG injection on(Day10-12)of menstruation.
    According to the size of the follicle, HCG regimen is administrated.
  • Egg retrieval procedure(around 36 hours after the HCG injection)
    └Choose health eggs to cryopreservation
    └Leave hospital by your physical condition.
  • Postoperative follow-up

Visit Taiwan once, and total course is within 7 days

  • Oversea Frozen Egg for Mainland China patients
    Pre-operation assessment in the clinics in Mainland China Check ovarian function
  • First menstrual period
    Day 2 of the menstruation (Day2) Ovulation regimen is injected by yourself, according to the doctor's advices according to the ultrasound and blood findings which reveal the follicular status.
  • Arrival in Taiwan on(Day8-9)
    According to the doctor's order, blood test and ultrasound, and ovulation injection is arranged at the local institution.
  • Arrival in Taiwan on(Day8-10)
    According to the doctor's order, blood test and ultrasound, and ovulation injection is arranged at the local institution. During these 2 days, visit the doctor at 5pm.
  • HCG injection(Day10-12)
  • Eggs retrieval and cryopreservation on(Day14)
  • Return to China
  • Post-operation care

*Pre-operation evaluation: Ultrasound and blood test to assess ovarian function.

*Day 2-3 of the menstruation: Ultrasonic and blood test, ovulation stimulating drugs were administrated about 8-10 days. Return visit forevaluation of follicular maturation status during the administration.

*Day 3-12 of menstruation: Regular ultrasound and blood examination are followed for the observation of follicles, and the day of egg retrieval will be determined. As the size of follicle is bigger than 18mm, the HCG regimen is administrated, then ovulation occurs within 36 hours.

*Operation day: Under general anesthesia, eggs retrieval is done under the guidance of vaginal ultrasound. The duration of operation is about 20 minutes. The operation makes no wound. Hospitalization is not required, and you need rest for 1-2 hours before leave hospital.